Prayer Commutes

May 26, 2021
Adam Whitescarver

In the rush of life there are days when we simply do not get a breather EXCEPT for when we are in the car. During those times there can be a strong temptation to tie up every loose end we have, calling or voice-to-texting people we didn't get back to during the day, etc. Either this, or we find ourselves getting frustrated with rush hour traffic. 

It doesn't have to be this way. Instead, rush hour can be a quiet hour of reflection before God when we decompress and come back to life. As a liturgy we need nothing more than what has happened or is going to happen, and simply praying through it all. Try processing the events of the day, grieving losses, forgiving enemies and confessing sins, while not forgetting to celebrate and give thanks for the "wins." Doing so will inevitably help you gain perspective and vision for the future. We might do all this anyways, but being intentional about bringing it before our Lord, and being mindful of "God with us" changes the dynamic of it. Set aside just a portion or all of your commute times for prayer, worship, and listening to Scripture and you will be amazed at how you can actually look forward to your drives as one of the most enriching times of your day.