Grace Pointe Assembly of God with Pastor Terry Evans

January 5, 2022

Pastor Terry Evans knows what God has called his church to do – minister to the community. Grace Pointe Assembly of God has found ways to serve local oncology patients, homeschool groups, special needs kids and their families, and more. Alongside its outreach, Grace Pointe makes space for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as demonstrated by two miracles of healing that happened at a recent church revival.

Listen to this episode to hear Terry and Adam discuss Terry’s call to ministry, the structure of the Assemblies of God, and Grace Pointe’s current outreach focus.

Note: this podcast was recorded earlier in 2021.


Jump Through the Conversation

  • [1:28] Church location, service times, connection information

  • [3:05] History of Grace Pointe

  • [6:07] How Terry came to be a pastor

  • [10:26] Comparing onramps to ministry in different denominations

  • [14:10] Overview of Assemblies of God

  • [18:17] Comparing disciplinary methods in different denominations

  • [23:16] Grace Pointe’s outreach to Chattanooga

  • [29:56] Gifts of the Holy Spirit at Grace Pointe 

    • Happens in addition to works of faith (outreach)

    • Two recent healings

  • [33:08] Theology of healing

  • [43:19] What God is doing at Grace Pointe

    • Focus on young families

    • The importance of small groups

  • [53:39] Dealing with challenges as a pastor

  • [57:19] Final exhortation to believers


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