We set out to create a series of retreat guides that can be used in individual, small group, and church-wide settings.


The first one is here.

The Rule of Life
Retreat Guide

By Adam Whitescarver

Used by Christians since ancient times, the effectiveness of a Rule of Life is time-tested and as relevant as ever for those of us distracted by the cares and riches of this world. We need help to focus on Christ, to make Him the most important person in our lives, and to put every other good thing in its proper place. This will not happen by accident or without great intentionality. A Rule of Life helps us to stay the course in cooperating with God’s work in our lives, ultimately transforming our thoughts, words, and actions.

This resource is meant to help you craft a Rule of Life that is both personalized and communal. It is personal in that it will fit you but communal in that it will connect you to the practices and rhythms the Church has practiced for millennia.



The Rule of Life Retreat Guide is a gift. Out of all the books and resources I have read on crafting a rule of life, this one is the most efficient, beautiful, practical, and hopeful. It is filled with practical guidance without sounding should-y or checklist-y, and perfectly communicates the essence and benefit of crafting a rule: how it ultimately leads to freedom and nearness to God. It is grounded, insightful, and truly helpful. Everyone should have this guide as a companion to crafting their rule of life.”

- Kacie Dreiling

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