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The Spiritual Formation Ministry of the Chattanooga House of Prayer

Seeking the well-being of our city by encouraging a vibrant friendship with God through cultivating healthy spiritual practices (rhythms). This is done primarily in the context of retreats, trainings, and spiritual direction.

Upcoming Events

Rhythms Retreats will be held from 9am-12pm at the Chattanooga House of Prayer facility. Pastors, non-profit, and ministry leaders attend FREE (at checkout, enter code: RHYTHMS22).

In person and virtual options are available. Before each retreat, you will be emailed directly with the Zoom link in case you’d like to join virtually.


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MAR 26
Lectio Divina
| Encountering God in the Scriptures

We have many ways to approach the Bible. There are times for study, times for memorization, and for reading it through in a year. There is also a way to encounter God in the Scriptures through a slower, more meditative approach for the formation of our hearts versus only information for our minds. If you feel that reading the Bible has grown dull and lifeless, perhaps you are being invited into a new way of meeting God in the Scriptures. Lectio Divina (sacred reading) teaches us to approach the Word with expectancy - it is a prayer practice of dialogue with the God of the Bible. God desires to speak to you in a very personal and ongoing way. Let’s continue our series by cultivating our capacity to listen and respond.

APR 23
The Examen
| Recognizing God’s Presence in Everyday Life

The Examen is a beautiful prayer practice of looking back over our day with God. It is a life-giving means of re-living the precious gift of a day and discovering the many ways God has been present (often unrecognized) within them. The Examen helps us to keep “short accounts” with God and keeps us in the posture of asking for his help for the hope of each new day. If you are longing for a practice to better discern God’s activity in your life, and understand the movements of your own heart, you are going to love this rhythm.

AUG 27
Sabbath Rest
| Ceasing, Remembering, Celebrating, and Anticipating

What if there was a place you could enter at the end of each week where your body, mind, and soul could find rest, and your spirit could find refreshment? What if there were a place you could enter that is sacred, blessed, and set apart as a gift of grace for you to enjoy? What if this were a place where the pressures and stresses of work and the worries of the world were checked at the door - and true peace faithfully awaited you within? What if you lived this day in “real-time” enjoying the people and experiences that are truly life-giving? There is such a place. It is not located in geography - it is a day, located in time - it is the weekly practice of Sabbath-rest.

SEP 24
Honoring the Body
| Examining the Body Through Historical, Biblical, and Cultural Perspectives

"God’s plan for our bodies is that we would become more attentive to the world around us — this includes our habits, neighbors, jobs, and the whole creation — but also that we could become more present with our bodies to God revealing Himself in our lives. Join us for a practical teaching on the human body that examines
the body through historical, biblical, cultural, and theological perspectives.” - Joey Schlabs

OCT 22
The Rule of Life
| A Structure That Supports Spiritual Growth and Life

Cultivating intimacy with God and having a sustainable faith takes great intentionality and doesn’t happen by accident. A Rule of Life helps us stay the course in cooperating with God’s work in our lives, ultimately transforming our thoughts, words, and actions.


In partnership with Richmont Graduate University, the Chattanooga School of Spiritual Direction, or CSSD, is offering a two-year, fully accredited Graduate Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction. Courses include residential intensives and regular cohort meetings at the Chattanooga House of Prayer. Richmont Graduate University is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). For more information, please contact Micki Ann Harris, our Spiritual Formation Director.


Reserve a Retreat
in Our Facility

Sometimes you may feel a desire to “intentionally withdraw” for a half or full day but it is not feasible to travel very far or arrange an overnight stay. We desire to make a retreat opportunity affordable and feasible for you personally or for your group. In addition to personal retreats, we host guided retreats for churches, businesses, and small groups.

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